I Heart my LifeGroup

We joined/started a new LifeGroup about a month or so ago. We’ve been a little apprehensive to start one again, just because we’ve been so busy over the past months because of staffing changes & moving into the building. But we knew it was important for us to be involved at that level, plus we’d made some new friends that we really felt a desire to get to know better. So we kicked it off and from the beginning it has been amazing! It’s 5 couples, 3 with kids, 2 without and we all just gel so well. It’s encouraging to be able to share openly and honestly, hold eachother accountable, pray and study God’s word together. Plus we always find something to laugh about – which I love.

Last week, we took a break from our normal schedule and did a Wii Fiesta! That’s right, mexican food, mexican music, and some serious Wii action. Wii all had a total blast (get it?) – and I am happy to report, there were no TV casualties.

There’s some fun pictures of the night over at Peter’s blog.

2 thoughts on “I Heart my LifeGroup

  1. James McLean

    you’re slacking on your Lost blog. crap i just remembered you don’t have TV or internet. do watch it at the church or uh?

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