I Heart Loops


Loops, Loops, Loops, I love Loops, here they go down, down into my belly…

Seriously. Loops are amazing. I am a closet techno fan. Remix anything for me, throw it in a blender and push play, I’m in heaven.

This post got me going again. The guys over at Elevation put this loop together based off of United’s “To Know Your Name” – an amazing song, see below.

Where’s the best place you’ve found for loops? A loop exchange? Sharing? It’d be awesome if there was a site like that for worship leaders/bands, maybe there already is one? Jump in, enlighten.

9 thoughts on “I Heart Loops

  1. James McLean

    ha ha, i think i secretly like techno too. pretty sure that came from you playing the U2 remix CD growing up.

  2. Bobby Williams

    I gotta say sacredloops.org is/has been the best place to find loops being shared. I can’t seem to find any other place on the net for anything else. Last night actually, I did stumble upon a site called soundsnap where you can download thousands samples. It’s a lot like the freesound project. Google freesound project and soundsnap…some good loop building content.

    If anyone has any other place to go besides sacredloops…please let us know!

  3. victor estrada

    I’m totally working on getting some loops down… it’s not as easy as it seems. I’ll work on some and share when i get them done. See ya tomorrow.

  4. inWorship

    I would love to have more time to play with loops and some of the killer software that’s out there right now. I love the freedom and creativity that comes from it.


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  6. alex

    Victor I can’t wait for you to do all the hard work and share it with us!

    Bobby, thanks for the links – I’m going to spend some time checkin em out.

    James, I ruined you.

    InWorship, I feel you. Same predicament here.

  7. Wes Watson

    Good post alex. Glad you enjoyed the video of the loop love. It added a cool aspect to worship.

  8. alex

    Wes, thanks for the comment, you guys are doing some great stuff out there.

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