I Hate my Theme

That’s all I really wanted to say… I’ve spent a few hours over the last couple weeks looking for a new theme. Found a lot of potentials, but no winners. So far my favorite is Grid Focus, but for some reason it’s not working out for me. I’m looking for something real minimalist – something modern, web 2.0ish – not lot’s of colors. Any good links? Any designers with tons of free time?

6 thoughts on “I Hate my Theme

  1. Derek

    I’m curious to find out what isn’t working for you when you tried Grid Focus?

  2. Lisa

    I think you are much cooler than your Theme! It’s a little too swirly for ya!

  3. alex

    um, thanks Sam? Ha ha!

    btw UPDATE – I got Grid Focus working, obviously and I need to email Derek and let him know.

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