I got hit by a Truck!

OK, today after a long couple days at church I was walking (that’s right, walking) to my truck. I had my backpack over my shoulder, my camera, my computer, and I was talking on my phone to Jen – just minding my own business, one of the last people to leave church.

All of the sudden I am flying through the air, computer flying through the air, camera flying through the air, backpack, phone, me! I got hit by a 2 ton Toyota Tundra! What the heck!? I landed on my wrist, my phone busted into 2 pieces, and I was left looking up at the creased bumper of this truck!

Once I came to and figured out what had happened, the driver was out and was like, “Oh my GOSH! are you ok?”, and of course I was like, “yeah, no worries man!”. I picked up my stuff and threw it in my truck and started driving home. I called my wife back and was like, “Holy @#$!*, I just got ran over by a TRUCK at church!”.

I’m fine, I think. Ask me how I’m feeling tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “I got hit by a Truck!

  1. James McLean

    are you kidding me? what the heck? of course it would be a two ton truck because in Temecula you are not a real man unless your truck is 10 feet off the ground and the biggest you can find. ok…..venting….i am ticked. why are people running over my brother?

  2. Jeff

    Not to sound like a sue happy Californian… But you didn’t get any information from this guy? I hope you are ok…

  3. alex

    Well, I am fine everybody. Thanks for the concern. I iced my wrist for about an hour, it felt totally better after that. I woke up this morning and told Jen, “Man, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck!”. So that’s basicaly how I feel. Just a little sore and weak today, my leg where I met the bumper is pretty sore, but its not anything to worry about.

    I actually know the guy who hit me – an awesome servant at our church, so that was a little awkward to say the least. But all is well!

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