I got hit by a Truck! (part 2)

So I’ve been telling the story over and over of what happened on Sunday after church. I thought I’d give y’all a little visual help answer some of the questions. Here goes…

So here’s where the story begins. I was walking to my truck which was parked at the farthest east parking space, across the parking lot from LifeChurch. As you can see in Diagram 1 I had a solid plan – head right to my drivers door, throw my gear in, go pick up our babysitter, drop her off at the house & pick up Jen, and head out for an afternoon without the kids.

Little did I realize that a vehicle parked close to mine was about to have an abrupt meeting with my body.

And here’s the money shot. As you can see in Diagram 3, vehicle A (A 2 Ton Truck) backed up and hit me, sending me and my belongings flying. Pretty simple. The trucks bumper hit the side of my left thigh and I landed squarely on my right wrist. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel hurt at all – so I got up, grabbed my stuff, and continued on with my day.

Well today is the day after and there’s no breaks, scratches, or even bruises. Weird, I know. I am extremely sore, I just kind of feel sore and tired. That’s pretty much it, no real drama – but I was literally “hit” and tossed by a truck – walking out of church on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “I got hit by a Truck! (part 2)

  1. James McLean

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! this is incredible! i love the attention to detail…notice the treo….in two separate pieces.

  2. Uncle Rick

    Sorry to hear of collision with the truck, how’s the truck? Really enjoy your updates. Take care.

  3. Jen White

    Maybe next time it would be a good idea to let a dr. check you out anyway…thats my age speaking!

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