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Yup, on the way home from my first day at Rancho. Like Poison so eloquently sang, ‘Every rose has it’s thorn…’

It was a fix it ticket for my tinted windows. Tinted windows which have been on there for 8 years. Oh well, it was a good run! At least the guy was nice. And yes, if anyone was trying to get off of California Oaks on the 15 around 5:30 – that was me backing you all up.

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  1. he didn’t care that you were using your phone? LOL

    tiffs last blog post..Mother’s Day 2008

  2. Alex's Mom

    You bad boy! Mama warned you….ha ha

  3. Are you serious? He pulled you over for just that? He must have been bored.

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Yet another week has passed

  4. I just got pulled over for tinted windows too….SO LAME!! I was driving Brian’s car and he didn’t want to remove the tint so it cost us about $160 for the ticket! Of all the things to pull someone over for I think that is the dumbest LOL

    Kendras last blog post..My Sweet Little Baby

  5. Kevin

    We will take it off…..Then put it back on. I cant believe that we tinted those windows 8 years ago!

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