I Got a Ticket!

I love the CHP on TwitPic

Yup, on the way home from my first day at Rancho. Like Poison so eloquently sang, ‘Every rose has it’s thorn…’

It was a fix it ticket for my tinted windows. Tinted windows which have been on there for 8 years. Oh well, it was a good run! At least the guy was nice. And yes, if anyone was trying to get off of California Oaks on the 15 around 5:30 – that was me backing you all up.

5 thoughts on “I Got a Ticket!

  1. Kendra

    I just got pulled over for tinted windows too….SO LAME!! I was driving Brian’s car and he didn’t want to remove the tint so it cost us about $160 for the ticket! Of all the things to pull someone over for I think that is the dumbest LOL

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  2. Kevin

    We will take it off…..Then put it back on. I cant believe that we tinted those windows 8 years ago!

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