I don't Understand…

I saw a cool post here, which I found here. So I thought I might try it out here.

I don’t understand…

why people can’t get along. countries, churches, colors, classes, families, marriages, co-workers, etc.

what makes Pinkberry so good!

how God puts up with (all our) hypocracy, manipulation, pride, misrepresentation, flat out lying, in the church today.

what happens to all my pairs of socks! (I swear I just bought 6 new pairs from Costco and they’re already unmatched!)

why we destroy ourselves trying to run the rat race of an “American Dream”.

why some leaders think that leadership is their right, and not a gift.

why it’s so hard to be consistent in my prayer and devotional time.

why all the good food is the same food that makes you fat.

why growing always involves pain.

how radio, TV, phones, the internet, wireless microphones work.

why more people don’t engage in worship of the one true God at our church.

how these people live with themselves.

why we can’t just erase debt.

why God chose to bless me with such an amazing wife and 2 incredible kids.

why Metallica & Ozzy, are still playing shows.

why more people didn’t know about this band.

why the internet can’t just be free.

WHAT the HECK is going on on LOST.

why techno music is so dang addicting.

the idea of eternal life – it seriously blows my mind and robs me of sleep.

why I don’t get more comments on the ol’ blog.

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  1. alex

    speaking of that, I’m off to get some “garlic hot” boneless wings and then some frozen yogurt!

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