How would You answer?

Found this link and it’s one of those that kind of makes me squirm… I’m reading a book called “Futuring”, by Dr. Sam Chand, and one of his points is that the church is really struggling in the area of it’s stance on sexuality in this age – how does the church reach people with Christ’s message of grace and new life, yet not compromise it’s beliefs? Where does the church stand on homosexuality, cohabitation, single parents, women wanting to be mothers with no partner, the list goes on…

Anyway, read this and see what you think.

5 thoughts on “How would You answer?

  1. James McLean

    Wow! big question. I’m not going to pretend to have the answers. I think that we need much more transparency and honesty in the church. It should be presented with truth in mind though and not just for the new trend of shock factor, “OMG, the church people are talking about sex”.
    Very important topic today.

  2. Vince

    I think once the church can stop putting sexual sin in a category of its own then we will be able to see clearly and truly love these people.

  3. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Romans 7 has a great answer to this and the purpose of the law…to make sin utterly sinful. Basically, I am with Vince on the practical side of this, and looking at Romans 7 as well as that whole book makes it a bit more clear I think.

  4. Amy

    That points out so well why you can’t simply point to a Scripture verse (especially an Old Testament one!) and say “because it says so.” I guess with Dr. Laura being Jewish, she probably wouldn’t use the New Testament.

    I don’t have any answers to the problems the church is facing, though.

  5. Skip

    Here’s how I’d answer…


    Thanks for your letter. You’ve nailed me to the wall. I’ve done all the things you’ve done too! We’re screwed. I’ve got a few other questions for you though. You said you were from Utah, right?

    I know that you’ve got that lactose allergy, but unfortunately it’s illegal in the state of Utah NOT to drink milk. (

    The other day, I saw you driving along the highway and you didn’t even budge when that bird flew across the street. In the state of Utah, birds always have the right of way. (

    On that same trip, your wife happened to be driving and you were in the passenger seat. She was caught speeding. In your state, you’re responsible for every criminal act she commits while in your presence. ( It’s your 8th traffic offense (if you include hers), it’s time to revoke your license and spend a little time in the pokey. 60 days.

    Remember that Thanksgiving party you threw? You got that keg since you were going to have a few family members in town. Weeeeelllll…according to state law it’s illegal to possess beer in containers larger than 2 liters unless you’re a retailer. BUSTED.

    And I hope you don’t live in Kaysville, because you didn’t have ID with you when you purchased gas at that convenience store after dark.

    The point Jim, is not whether or not the laws apply to us, or if we think they are stupid. The point is that you’ve broken them and so have I (Romans 3:23). We all deserve to be thrown in jail, even put to death for the stuff that we do. Jesus paid the price for ALL our sin, even the ones we think are stupid.

    Forgive me for be judgemental and unforgiving. On behalf of the Christian community, I ask that you will forgive us. Don’t miss the message of forgiveness through Christ just because the messengers are a bunch of screwed up, self-righteous hypocrites.



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