How to Make Facebook Less Annoying (Part 1)

I was a late adopter to Facebook – I’ll admit it, when I first checked it out I didn’t get it; it seemed way to complicated. Well things have changed, and Facebook has become my online portal/community.

One of the complaints I often hear from people who are new or wary of joining Facebook is, all the poking, pie throwing, charm giving, personality quiz’s, which disney character are you quiz, how well you know that person from 8th grade, and on, and on, and on it goes. There’s good news for you!

The wise folks at Facebook have made it SUPER easy for you to filter that junk out. Here’s one easy way to cut down on all that garbage.

DISCLAIMER: If you like to spend endless hours filling out these tests and throwing virtual water balloons, read no further.


Here’s a typical quiz that shows up on your wall; taking up your precious real estate. Maybe you just can’t wait to find out what Disney Character you are, for me, not so much. There’s a very easy way to make sure this NEVER happens to you again.


All you have to do is roll your mouse pointer over the upper right side of the post. When you do this a magic “Hide” button appears. When you click on the button, two options appear. In the graphic above, I’ve selected to hide the quiz from my wall, forever banishing this application to underworld of the internet. So to be clear, I will NEVER see this quiz again, no matter how many of my friends take it.


Now let’s say you have a friend who takes like 4 quiz’s an hour, loading up your page with their results & inviting you to join in the fun. Well, you really have no choice but to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And with the click of a button, you will never see another quiz, pie, waterballoon, or poke. That’s right you can simply hide their status updates from your wall.

Ahhhh can you feel the peace and quiet?

That’s all for tonight folks – have fun hiding things & people. And if you want to see what quizes I’m taking, add me as a friend.

One thought on “How to Make Facebook Less Annoying (Part 1)

  1. jamesmclean

    I think that facebook catches on to those who live in a sort of tight knit community best. This is why colleges and those networks were the first to grab hold of it and probably how I got sucked in so quickly.
    It can be annoying sometimes but only if you have lame friends who send you invites to be a pirate or grow a “sea garden”. The great thing is you just click ignore and it goes away!
    I love me some facebook because it allows me to keep up with my friends and family who are not near me everyday. I do have to say that it is has the potential to turn someone into a super narcissist so there is that to watch out for.
    We actually used facebook to start a church a year ago back in Lynchburg, we communicated with everyone that way and used it for events and notifications. It worked out great!
    .-= jamesmclean´s last blog ..A Timeline of Grace =-.

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