How to Make an Omelette

Fridays are my typical day off. So this morning I made omelettes. I enjoy cooking, sometimes. I think I make a pretty mean omelette, so here are my steps to making a kick-butt omelette.

Crack yerself three eggs into a small mixing bowl.

Mix well, extremely well, in fact mix more than you think you need to. Add some salt & pepper at this point too.

Have your fixin’s ready to go before you start cooking. In this case we have tomatoes, cheese, and bacon. We would have had avacados, but it wasn’t lookin too hot.

Pull out a small, non-stick pan to do your business in.

If yer into this kinda stuff then go for it – I did.

Ok this is where it can get sticky (literally). Trick is to (a) make sure the pan is hot, then (b) after you pour in your eggs, make sure you twirl the pan around and get the egg up on the sides. This will help create an area to start peeling away from the edge so you can get a good spatula under one half to complete the dreaded “fold over” move.

As the omelette cooks, I do the twirl a couple times, but never letting the eggs touch the bare pan again.

About halfway through the cooking process, I like to add my ingredients, only to one side of the omelette. Continue to let this baby cook until the consistency is pretty thick. Cross yourself and prepare to perform the “fold over”. Don’t worry if the eggs are still a little gooey (for lack of a better word).

As you can see kind of from the picture, the edges have started to lift away from the pan. This is a good thing. Work your spatula around the edges away from the ingredients side. As soon as you have a good portion of the spatula under that side of the omelette, just take it and flip it on top of itelf, gently.

If you were patient and did it right, you should have something that resembles this. Now all you’ve got to do is give it a couple more minutes on the fire to cook up that remaining egg substance. You can kind of tip the omelette so the rest of the egg kind of spills out the front and cooks up quicker.

So, what did you have for breakfast? 

4 thoughts on “How to Make an Omelette

  1. Worship City

    Honestly, thank you! I ran out and picked up McDonald’s this morning for the wife and kiddo 🙂 Maybe I’ll surprise them with omelettes next week! I’m horrible in the kitchen unless it’s reheating something!

  2. klampert

    actually a steak and cheddar omlet…my favorite…and I use olive oil instead of pam…adds some flavor

  3. heather

    What time is breakfast next friday? My schedule is pretty open!!!

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