16 thoughts on “How long does it take 4 McLean's to setup a Tree?

  1. Kendra

    AWESOME, I love it! Our tree is comparable to Charlie Brown's so it took about 15 minutes to put up LOL. Your tree is GORGEOUS!!

  2. betterthanblank

    Yes, it would go so fast if we didn't have to fluff, but I guess that's part of our tradition now… (tried to get Miles into it – he did about 3)

  3. James McLean

    and that is without ornaments! man i miss the real tree from growing up but hey you gotta do watcha gotta do.

    the funniest thing about this video….watch Macy throughout she is all over the place ha ha and i think at one point she stops and poses for pics that her mama takes of her. hilarious!

  4. tam

    i think we're gonna have to do a vid like this too. looks like you all had fun!

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. worshipcity

    Haha! That's awesome. Looks like we have similar trees but ours isn't as tall! Yeah, we did the tree and lights but no ornaments just yet! This was the first year Rae convinced me to put it up before Thanksgiving 🙂

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