8 thoughts on “How fast do you Type?

  1. eric

    62 words per minute the first try… What can I say, I took typing in high school. 😉

  2. Will Young

    91 wordsSpeed test

    That is fairly accurate, my last official typing test said that I did 86 words per minute with 96% accuracy. You can actually go here to take a more accurate typing test. I take one every 6 months to keep my resume fresh.

  3. Chris Stout

    greetings from Thailand! I think I got up to 67…don’t want to know how fast my thums type…

  4. Jeff

    62 words per minute… Made more mistakes than I should of though…

  5. John

    I type 83 words per minute and I missed 2 words. Not sure how I got so fast, I guess I typed a lot of last minute papers in college.

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