How do you rate your Worship?

ratingI titled this post that way just to get you to read this. Of course ‘worship’ is more than music, so my question is really, “How do you rate your Music?”. There are many facets of leading musical worship including, leadership, stage presence, participation, musical quality, technical quality, vision, loyalty, administration, relationships, management skills, band moral, etc.

We got in a conversation today about our own Music ministry with one of our senior staff. I got feedback from this pastor that our music is at a B- right now, and of course we want to be at an A+. We’re always talking about going from good to great, and I am all about that. But what I am not into is just guestamating when we take hard, long looks at ministries and how we can measure them. I like facts, I like honest feedback, I like results.

So I am interested in how some of you “rate” your music ministry. I’ve got some ideas, but I really want some good feedback. It’s easy to look at leadership abilities, moral, participation, stage presence, etc. But since you are personally involved and you are there every weekend, how do you compare your music? I’m lucky because I only lead a couple times a month, so I can get out and listen and watch – but even then, I am jaded because I love these guys and gals that are playing and leading.

So again, how do you rate your worship? 

7 thoughts on “How do you rate your Worship?

  1. Chris

    It’s all about feelings. If it feels good, then it’s probably good. 😉

    I’ve found the stuff that Jordan has posted at Worship Trench the past couple of weeks to be very helpful. Actually last night we had a leaders’ meeting and worked through the ministry evaluation questions.

    We don’t yet have a concrete rating system but here are some questions we ask after every week –

    Did we encourage people to worship God?
    Did we inspire people to worship God?
    Did the service flow well as a whole?
    Were there any distractions that could have been resolved?

  2. Terry Foester

    Good questions. I’m always considering the cringe or cheese factor, and comparing that to authenticity. I’d rather see authentic mistakes, than over produced worship. So whatever evaluation tools are used, it has to get at the authenticity of worship.

    We have 4 leaders and rotate giving critical feedback to each other. We have an evaluation form, I can send you a copy if you want. Just email me.

  3. Stephen

    Great question. We can’t improve if we aren’t aware of where improvement is need or possible.

    Is that table in the right corner something you actually use in your evaluation, or no?

    Let me gather some thoughts on this…

  4. alex

    Stephen – No that’s just an image
    Terry – I want it! Emailing now…
    Chris – great questions!

  5. Tim Wall

    I have three thoughts:

    1) I used to think that we should be at A+ on everything, but I don’t think that anymore.

    2) Music is so personal, I don’t think we’ll ever find a way to rate it objectively.

    3) Rather than “managing it,” I like to “rotate it” and let each leader be himself/herself. I celebrate the fact that not everyone does it like I do. Sometimes I watch others and I think “I don’t like this” but I just remember that very few people are like me. I think that rotation is the way we get closest to success on the widest scale, but the secret to rotation success is letting each leader be himself/herself.

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