Homie Needs a Job

I know, SURPRISE! For you who follow, yer probably like, ‘wait a second, I thought he just GOT a job?!’. And you’re right – I did. But a couple weeks ago I met a really cool guy and I didn’t realize it at the time, but he just lost his job. So I thought since this blog is a huge mecca of social networking (read: sarcasm), I’d post this and see what happens. Really though – here’s a guy who needs a job, or some work, or some prayer, or some support – actually all of the above. Maybe we can help? Let’s watch what God does with his life…

Elaina and I

Oh yeah, his name is Adrian Rodriguez and you can check out his crazy skills here, follow him on twitter here, and facebook him here. Spread the word people.

One thought on “Homie Needs a Job

  1. Adrian Rodriguez

    No one ever saw this, but thanks for the post. I remember when seeing this months ago. Now I have a job so thanks for your prayers bro!

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