Hillsong United at The Rock

Hillsong United #4
Treo (Phone) Picture 🙁

Jen and I had the awesome pleasure last week of experiencing Hillsong United live at The Rock in San Diego. We went with some new friends from Rancho Community, which was cool – thanks Daniel for the idea!

I don’t have too much to say – it was Hillsong United & they brought it as expected. Here’s some bullet point thoughts from the night:

  • The band presence and leadership was amazing – great connections and hearts.
  • The music was flawless.
  • The sound was horrendous where we were sitting (under a balcony overhang).
  • The lighting was absolutely amazing – great use of lights to enhance the worship experience – probably some of my favorite use of lighting at a worship experience.
  • We had a wailing-tongue speaking person right across the row that really made things uncomfortable (sorry, I just believe if you want to wail and weep to God you can do that in a different context with just as much effect).
  • The speaker was hilarious and very “excited”.
  • The use of video elements was great, great flow and transitions.
  • Did I mention the sound was really bad?

Maybe it was just our location, but I probably would not catch another show at this particular venue. I’ve had better experiences at Crossroads, Saddleback, and Mariners. But it was nice to just worship together with my wife and really grow closer to God through such a powerful worship experience.

On a side note: Jen bought me a United shirt, which I got a bunch of comments on when I went to Guitar Center to pick up some sticks. So  that’s cool.

What about you, did you catch Hillsong United in SoCal?

2 thoughts on “Hillsong United at The Rock

  1. Brian Murray

    I was able to visit Hillsong United in LA on Monday. It was stinking amazing!! With your sound problem, what I have noticed is that when outsides parties come to the ROCK they just their gear. So they only patch into the house mains and not the delay fills for the balcony’s. I saw Chris Tomlin there last month and I noticed the same problem. It just sucks to be sitting in a bad spot.

  2. alex

    Brian, that’s exactly what me and Daniel were discussing – how could you overlook such a crucial detail?!

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