4 thoughts on “Hillsong 2007 Video

  1. James

    It’s impressive, but it bugs me a bit. Isn’t this Hillsong showing off a bit? A bit of a ‘look what we can do!’? I mean…I don’t see anything in there that really points to showing the world what music is for and where it comes from and who it is intended for. I see a show being put on for the conference attendees. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s recognized as being what it is.

    Just my humble opinion…

  2. Travis Doucette

    I think North American’s repel anything that looks like performance. Had we lived in Bible times, gazed upon Soloman’s temple, the outfits the priests wore, or had seen the tabernacle in all it’s glory, we wouldn’t think twice about pooling together our best resources and making God’s praise glorious as the Psalms instruct us to. When people make a big stink like this, it gives them a platform and influence and anyone who looks to Hillsong will find it difficult to not see who is being exalted in their lyrics. Like so many other things, it’s only Christians who seem to have a problem with making God’s praises extravagant.

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