Hiking with Three

I’ve found that going on hikes with my song Miles (9) has been a great way to connect with him without an Xbox, Kindle, iPod, computer, or football. It’s a time when we can get out into God’s creation and just enjoy nature and one another. Times like these I know are few and will only become harder to create as he grows older.

Today, I took a a big step and took Macy (6) and Maggie (18 mos) on a hike along with Miles and his buddy, Andrew (along with his older sister). I’ve been hiking with Don and his son, Andrew for the past couple years and our boys always have a great time together. Well, we had fun today, but for me, it was a little different. It wasn’t a leisurely hike through the woods, it was constant watching and caring for our two girls, while Miles ran ahead and took care of himself. We had lunch & hiked around Forrest Home, saw Billy Graham Rock, crossed a suspension bridge, and found some really cool spots along the way.

All in all it was a good day – just different. My girls need a different type of attention than my son and I’m learning the differences between being a dad of a son and a dad of daughters.

Pray for me, I’ve got three of ’em (daughters that is).