Hiking with the Boys

Last weekend I took Miles hiking for the second time with Don and Andrew up in Idyllwild. It was, as Don put it, the “perfect day” for a hike. Don is a pastor at Rancho Community, a mentor, and collaborator. I’ve learned a ton from him over the past year and relish the time that we can spend together. We’ve talked a lot about being fathers, raising sons, and being purposeful in that job. So this trip was more about spending time with them, loving them, watching them have fun, challenging them to make it all the way up and down – the adventure. It’s something hopefully they will remember, more importantly they will remember that they did this with their dads.

We’re not trying to program parenting or fatherhood – we’ve just decided to try and live life more together, to naturally allow our boys to experience these times together, with the hope that we can set them on a course for becoming men, and the hope that we can encourage each other to be great dads.

I’m sure there’s more articulate ways to say all that, but that’s all I got.

As we headed up, one of the “rules” we gave the boys was “don’t get wet”. This winter was crazy for southern California and there’s still snow at 7-8,000 feet. So we knew there would be water. Of course, at the first creek crossing, Miles slipped and fell in. He was fine – a good lesson for us all, that we are all capable of falling, but the true measure of a man is that he get’s up, dry’s himself off and forges ahead, which is exactly what Miles did.

When we got to the top, Don broke out his cooking gear, made the boys some hot chocolate, and made us some espresso. We spent what seemed like a couple hours talking about life & ministry as the boys ran all over Saddle Junction. It was amazing how they just ran all over, spying, exploring, throwing snowballs – they just got to be boys.

We’re looking forward to our next trip, maybe an over-nighter, who knows. What matters is that there’s still adventure and we’ll have it with our boys.

2 thoughts on “Hiking with the Boys

  1. April Greer

    I’m assuming this is the hike out of Humber Park. Have you gone to the look out yet? It’s a great hike. If you are ever looking for another Dad looking to make a difference…Gary would love to join you with our boys sometime. It’s not that easy to find people that hike.

    • Alex McLean Post author

      We’d love to have Gary and the boys join us – we’ll keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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