Here we go again


Well, it’s a little too early to do the 2009 wrap-up (have you read the 2008 wrap-up?). But I do need to share some breaking news…

I’m changing jobs, again… sort of. Over the course of my life, I have worked as:

  • landscaper
  • paperboy
  • burger flipper (at McDonalds)
  • sandwich artist (at Subway)
  • salesman (at a music store, yes I got paid to tune drums & guitars all day)
  • delivery boy (at my future mother en-law’s restaurant)
  • AC fabricator & installer
  • sign shop manager
  • business owner of my own graphic design firm
  • framer
  • snowboard designer
  • youth pastor
  • worship leader
  • media pastor
  • executive pastor
  • communications pastor

I was hired on at Rancho Community Church and School in 2009 as, “Pastor of Communications for Church & School” (I know, kind of a lame title). My basic job description was to help with the look & feel of both the church and school, and help with the internal and external communications of both organizations. I began my time at Rancho in March (February, really, but who’s counting), and basically I split my time equally between church and school – I even had two separate offices. I went to work immediately on helping re-brand the church, with Pastor Scott’s vision of five values – we landed on a really cool logo, and are currently in the process of slowly re-branding and re-skinning the church (it’s a huge process). I knew that the school would have to go through the same process, but I just couldn’t land on a look & feel… So it waited. I spent my school time trying to connect with staff and parents, to get a good idea what the vibe was over there; know what I learnt? School is VERY different than church. But I really got to get a good feel and began honing in on how we could really revitalize our look, and maybe create a whole new sense of excitement. Little did I know this was a catalyst to a pretty major change for me.

(By the way, that picture up there, that’s the new School logo – pretty stoked about it).

And here’s the news:
As of December 1st, I will be known as “Director of Admissions & Family Relations” for our school. I’m not really sure exactly what that all means and entails, but I do know that I get the opportunity to work with some really gifted and committed people at our school. For those who don’t know, our school is pretty amazing – it encompasses preschool through 10th grade, and currently has about 750 students.

I’m excited and a little freaked out at the same time. Here’s why…

I’m excited because:

  • This is a great opportunity to learn and grow – it’s a challenge.
  • I get to work with our admissions department, marketing, public relations – really creatively marketing our school.
  • I get to be on the same campus where my kids are going to school.
  • We’ll be going through a major look & feel overhaul – which I love!
  • I get to use leadership gifts, serving the staff and sharing some of the things I’ve learned, and hope to learn.
  • I get to reside in one office – this is new for me, I’m usually mobile.
  • I get to work closely with school parents (our customers) to help make sure we as a school are serving their needs in a way that honors Christ and meets the highest standards.

I’m a little freaked out because:

  • I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified for this position – I NEVER thought I’d be a school administrator.
  • I’ve been a pastor for the past 12 years – that’s been my identity, this is new. And yes, “pastor” is relative – there are tons of “pastors” out there who don’t pastor, and I realize that this is ministry – it’s just a little funky & I’m trying to be real. I guess what I am saying is that I will continue to “pastor” even though I won’t have the title. (this is a whole ‘nother post).
  • School is a different atmosphere than church, it scares me a bit (actually, a lot).
  • I could fail pretty hard-core and it wouldn’t be pretty.
  • I “get” to work in one office – this means I’m not as mobile as I’m used to being.
  • I think I have to dress better.
  • Did I mention that I could fail at this job?

Anyway, just thought I’d let everyone know what is up. I will continue to be very involved with the church, especially with the look & feel, graphic design, working with our Ministry Communications team, and working closely with our Executive Pastor, Don Hallworth (who, by the way is a stud, my mentor, and an all-around amazing guy) – Don and I strategize on a number of things pertaining to our church and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I can’t believe how God continues to show himself faithful to our family, not only meeting our basic needs, but giving us the desires of our hearts. If you think of us, please keep us in prayer as our family adjusts to what this means for us as a family, and as I adjust to this new role personally. We’d appreciate any prayers.

Thanks for readin’ (hopefully I can get back on the blog every-once-in-a-while).

7 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. April Greer

    Scuttlebutt says our school needs a “family relations” guy. You’re the right guy…You wouldn’t be there if you weren’t. Best of luck to you. Your children are very lucky to have you close by. 🙂

  2. Alex's Mom

    Good thing I read your blogs! A few things… can not fail because God has been preparing you for this and you will rely on Him as you always have. You have a lot of insight and timely perspectives to share and bring with you to this job. The world is changing and as Christians we must keep up in order to be relevant to those that don’t know Him or those that do who need to know Him better. You are supremely qualified in this area.

    I do find it amusing as well…considering your personal Christian school background. I remember how much you hated having your Mom on campus and now you are there with Miles and Macy! God has a sense of humor!

    I’m so proud of you and looking forward to see you change lives through the Godly example….also interested seeing you in something besides flip-flops! HA!

    Love you Son!

  3. Chris Stout


    You know God challenges those who he loves and knows can handle it. Of course he loves us all, but maybe some have bigger challenges then others. 🙂 Crush it dude! I know you wil! Congratulations!

  4. Conner Byrd

    Thanks for the update buddy! Excited for you. I’ve found myself at school waaaaaay more than I ever expected this year. Lunches with students, doing Chapel, now has led to substitute teaching. All in attempt to bridge the gap with my students from Sunday to the rest of the week but I sit here (I’m subbing today! HA) going “How did I get here?!?!”
    We do serve a mighty God and “fail” is a relative term. I love what Erwin McManus said one time (forgive my paraphrase) “When I fail, I want to leave the skid marks pointing towards Jesus so that even still He receives glory through my actions.”
    In a sense that we truly cannot fail our God even if by human standards it’s not a “success.”
    Hope that makes sense and again, excited and praying for you and yours!

  5. alex mclean

    Thanks everyone for all the support. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog more and keep y’all updated on this chapter of my life!

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