Help Me With My Drafts, please!


My Blog is becoming my “online brainstorming catalog”. Right now I’ve got a bunch of drafts, basically ideas that I didn’t want to lose. But they’re piling up! I thought it would be cool if you all could help me by choosing which one you wanted to see me actually finish – and I’ll try and finish 2 a week. Sound good? Maybe, or maybe this will be one of those posts where no one comments… we’ll see.

Here’s the list – you pick the next 2:

Called to Ministry?

Auxiliary Ministries & Modern Church

Preaching 101


This World Has Nothing For Me

Church Talk | Ministry “Style”

Giving Stats

Salvation & Extreme Home Makeover

Spiritual Gifts According to Yo Gabba Gabba

Grading Ministries

Getting Others to Blog


Leadership, Love & Respect

So there you go – you pick it, I write it!

9 thoughts on “Help Me With My Drafts, please!

  1. Scott Fillmer

    I guess my vote would be for called to ministry

    I do the same thing though, as soon as I get a good title or thought I put it into a draft and they do tend to pile up

  2. Steve Gentry

    So, I’m liking “Called to ministry?”, simply because it could cause a firestorm of comments and conversation. I also like, “Preaching style” as well, for basically the same reason. I hope I win, haha.

    Steve Gentrys last blog post..Name dropping

  3. Amie

    Got to have the Yo Gabba Gabba…. just because I truly despise the show and would be interested to see someone else find any redeeming quality to it.

    hmmm…and then number two, called to ministry I think.

    Amies last blog post..Let God be God

  4. alex

    So it looks like the winners are:
    Yo Gabba Gabba – 4
    Called to Ministry? – 4
    I’ll be working on both for next week. Thanks for the help!

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