Help! I need to organize photos!

I’m a photo nut! I love taking pictures wherever, whenever, and for whatever reason. On my phone, on my camera, on my wife’s phone, on my MBP. I thought I had a good way of organizing all my photos. I just used iPhoto, and created a library on an external HD. But I’ve got a couple issues now.

  1. Jen wants to scrapbook. That means she needs access to all our photos whenever she wants them. Right now they’re all on my external HD. So I attached it to her laptop (which unfortunately, is a PC) and downloaded Picasa, then imported the photos from my iPhoto folder. The problem is the photos are not all tagged right and they came over as a mess, not organized at all.
  2. I have photos from my church as well as my family, so I really need to separate the libraries and have two totally separate ones.

So, I’m looking for some advice. I’d really like to get all of our photos online. I’ve started a pretty decent flickr account for the church photo’s, which works out well. I also have my own flickr account, but what I don’t like is that either (a) flickr doesn’t have the organizational power of iPhoto, or (b) I don’t know how to use it.

Google (Picasa) is OK, but not quite as cool as flickr.

So, I’m thinking that I need to get my photos online (high quality, so lot’s of storage space – and of course I’d keep a backup here in the real world). I’d just like to hear what you all have found as good solutions for photo storage and sharing.

I’m all ears!

Update: I did find this article and this one, and this one very interesting, if anyone else is having the same issues as me.

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  1. Bradjward

    Flickr all the way. For $25 and unlimited uploads, why not? You linked to me in your update, but here is another post from my personal blog with several awesome features you might not know about:
    Tagging is very powerful. If I need a picture of me, my dog, and my wife (also Jen!), then I would just to go to my search page and type in those 3 tag and it gives me the 50 photos I need out of the 12,000+


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  2. Mary Cluley

    I am unsure on the digital organization, but I recommend that you print the best photos and put them in a Creative Memories Power Sort Box. It is really great and organizes up to 2400 photos, with room on the lid for large photos.
    Also, if you wife wants to learn to scrapbook, I would be happy to give her some great hints. I have been teaching people for 5 years now. It will be free of charge.

  3. brent(inWorship)

    I love Flickr and have never found something I can’t do with it. I use iPhoto to catalog and categorize all my photos. it integrates with Flickr and uploads them for backup.

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  4. shona tiger

    Flickr, probably. I use Picasa (and have a PC), but have never bothered to use Picasa Web Folders (or whatever it’s called).. Also tried Photobox ( was what I actually used), which I liked very much, could share with loads of friends, even those who don’t like the Internet much seemed comfortable with it. And tried Picnik, which never seems to work for me (slow connection or slow computer, I do not know).

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