Hello iMac

Someone donated a brand new iMac to our Tech Department. Is that insane or what?


Looks almost as good in the box as out of the box…


Setup in the tech room, running ProPresenter. What a beauty! It’s amazing to think, this piece of technology will help lead people in worship, and show them the way to a relationship with the God of the Universe!

6 thoughts on “Hello iMac

  1. Chuck

    We are blessed at our church and others keep on blessing us as we grow. Thank you for the most needed thing we could have asked for. Atleast us in the back….. May God bless your day and put a smile on your face for he gave his life for us.


  2. Peter

    What a blessing! God never ceases to bless through those that give generously. Likewise from the giver as well as from the church. I can imagine you excitement when it came.

  3. Jen White

    We are now officially spoiled! Rachel says OOOOOH its a computer! Yeah!

  4. Will Young

    Propresenters versatility is incredible. I hope it enhances your worship experience.

    Thanks for reading!

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