Have You Met My Brother?

jamesYes, I have a brother – his name is James, and he is a really cool guy. We don’t get to see him much cuz he lives in Virginia, but since our whole family is out here in SoCal – he comes once or twice a year. Miles and Macy love it every time he comes.

So I was reading a post by him tonight and just thought – man I don’t talk about James much here on the blog. But as an older brother it’s been awesome to watch his journey. I’m so proud of him – he’s accomplished so much in his life. And you can see God all over his life.

Here’s something else that is really cool. We both start brand new jobs this Monday. Both of us were praying for each other as we needed new jobs – and God worked in incredible ways in both our lives.

So, that’s my brother. Make sure you read his blog (and encourage him to blog more). Follow him on Twitter (he could stand to tweet more as well). And hook up with him on FaceBook. Look for some amazing things from his life!

3 thoughts on “Have You Met My Brother?

  1. Papa McLean

    You two are awesome and I am so proud of you both. Of course then you are my sons. Stay faithful to God’s call on your lives.

  2. Alex's Mom

    God is so good to allow me to be a Mom to you two servants of the Lord…..

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