Happy Valentines Day


If my memory serves me right, this is the 13th year that Jen and I have celebrated Valentines Day. Back in the day when I was all romantical, I filled up her Ford Escort with balloons while she was in school. When she got out, she couldn’t even get in her car because it was so full of balloons. We still talk about that Valentines day. Since then we’ve been through a lot, new jobs, addresses, 2 beautiful children, and she’s been amazing through it all. So here’s 13 things that I love about my wife:

1. She’s as beautiful as the day I met her – seriously.

2. She’s a true pastor’s wife – she cares about ministry.

3. She’s an incredible mom!

4. She loves me despite myself.

5. She’s fun and we love to laugh together.

6. She can play some mean Wii Tennis.

7. She’s really my best friend.

8. I first fell in love with her eyes – there’s so much life in them.

9. She’s an amazing worship leader.
10. She keeps our family healthy! (She’s a little bit of a germ freak).

11. She calls me out when I need it.

12. She’s fiercely protective of me and our family.
13. I am looking forward to many, many more Valentines together!

Happy Valentines babe – I love you!

One thought on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Jen

    Wow, what a surprise! Thanks so much Alex. I am truly blessed to have you for a husband. You are also an amazing dad. Your family loves you so much! I must admit that had to be one of favorite Valentines Day’s! I was so surprised when I opened the door and balloons went every where. It was totally awesome.

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