Happy Graduation Miles!

Wednesday, June 11, Miles graduated (actually they call it promotion) from Pre-K. We’re so excited for him to start Kindergarten this August. He’s going to go to a small charter school next year called Santa Rosa Academy. We would have loved to keep him at Rancho Community, but it just was out of our budget, and the doors just opened up over at Santa Rosa. We loved our time at Rancho, Miles had some great experiences and 3 years of some very good teaching and growing. As of right now he’s reading himself, adding, subtracting, he’s got a good foundation of Bible stories, and he’s just an all around great kid – such a blessing to us. We are amazed by him each and every day.

Congratulations Miley – we love you and are SO proud to be your parents!

3 thoughts on “Happy Graduation Miles!

  1. Nerni Miller

    Hi there,
    My husband has a cool thing on his computer that alerts him to anytime anything about Santa Rosa Academy pops up on the internet. I am the Dean for the Red and White Tracks at Santa Rosa and also one of the founders. It is hard to believe it has only been three years since we opened and now we are on someones blog. Pretty Cool! I taught the Kindergarten class last year, but we have hired an AWESOME new kindergarten teacher for next year! She taught in a private school for three years and is thrilled to be a part of the private school atmosphere at SRA. Anyhoooo..I just wanted to pop in say hi and welcome Miles to Kindergarten! We can’t wait to meet him! INformation about the back to school welcome picnic will be coming home soon and don’t forget he Dennis Uniform discount day down in San Diego on Monday June 23.
    Again, take care and welcome!
    Nerni Miller

  2. alex

    Hey Nerni, we’re really excited about Miles going to Santa Rosa Academy! We’re gonna be totally new at it, but we feel confident it’s the right environment for Miles. Thanks so much for leaving the comment – it adds even more validity to our decision!

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