Happy Birthday to…


The big “33”, I’m calling it the “Jesus Year” for obvious reasons. I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to feel or what to say. I can’t believe I’m 33. I don’t feel 33. I’m not sure I look 33, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I wonder a lot if people take me seriously because of that.

In my 33 years I’ve:

  • Traveled to more than half of the 50 states
  • Traveled to England & Scotland (saw my family Castle)
  • Been on more Mexico Missions Trips than I can count
  • Wasted a lot of potential at school
  • Worked as a paper boy, landscaper, delivery boy, at McDonald’s, sandwich artist, at a music store, as a drum teacher, as a guitar teacher, as a graphic designer, air conditioning installer, sign shop manager, home framer, snowboard maker, worship leader, youth pastor, media arts pastor, and now executive pastor.
  • Gone to Bible College
  • Married my best friend
  • Became a Dad, twice!
  • Made a lot of mistakes
  • Moved into 3 very different parts of California
  • Surfed like crazy with my buddy John
  • Mountain Biked like crazy with my brother inlaw, Kevin
  • Drove a Pontiac Sunbird, Volkswagon Bug, Ford Explorer, Ford Focus, Ford Ranger, and Suzuki XL7
  • Been a part of 6 churches, serving and or working at 3 of those
  • Fell in love with Photoshop
  • Switched from Mac to PC and back to Mac again
  • Did I mention the mistakes?
  • Made my own decision to follow Christ at Hume Lake while in Junior High
  • Spent about a year being angry with God
  • Bought a house / Sold a house
  • Learned a TON

Oh I’m sure there’s more, but at the risk of boring the reader, I’ll move on. So I am thinking about the next 33 years. What will these next 33 years look like, and what to I want/expect to see?

  • 41 years of marriage (33 + 8)
  • Watching Miles & Macy: grow up, graduate high school, college, get married, or whatever they choose to do
  • Becoming a grandparent (yeah I know that’s really out there, but I know it will come too soon)
  • Being able to tell stories of God’s faithfulness in my life, and my families life
  • Staying faithful in ministry
  • Planting a church?
  • Writing a book, or books
  • Producing albums?
  • Traveling and speaking
  • Writing music
  • Designing & Building a home?
  • Becoming Missionaries?
  • Visiting Europe
  • Visiting Australia
  • Visiting Africa
  • Heck, visiting the entire globe

I’m not really sure what this all means, just some random rambling from a 33 year old!

    9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to…

    1. Fred McKinnon

      Happy Birthday, man … and what, no trip to the Golden Isles of the southeast … sunny St. Simons Island, GA planned?


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    3. Matt

      happy birthday, my friend! i use my life church mug often and think nice thoughts

    4. eric

      If you think 33 feels old, just wait until you’re 34… Oh crap, that’s me!!!

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