Happy Birthday Jen!

Yesterday (Friday, July 18th) was my wife’s birthday. I won’t risk my life and tell you how old she is, but she’s a lot younger than me, and much, much better looking. I’m blessed to have such an amazing partner in life. She’s seriously the best mom ever, even though I’d swear she’s the leading saleswoman for the anti-bacterial cream industry! And she’s a patient and loving wife, a pastor’s wife, which is not an easy gig. I love her, her kids love her, her family, pretty much everybody who meets her loves her immediately – she’s got that effect on people. She’s stuck by my side through thick & thin and remains strong and confident in our calling as a family – what more could I ask for? I definetly married up.

Jen’s birthday started at 8am with the yearly tradition of Ice Cream Cake. That’s right all four of us ate ice cream at 8 in the morning. Then we did something really different – both kids went “away” for the day. Miles went with his Grandpa (from Alabama, who was out visiting), his Uncle Kevin & Aunt Melissa. They took him to the Speedway in OC for some motorcycle racing. He had a complete blast & was spoiled rotten. Then he got to spend the night with Uncle & Melissa.

Macy went with her Aunt Emily and Uncle Travis. She spent the day getting spoiled out of her mind with new clothes, shoes, babies, etc. She broke danced (is that a word?) at the mall, ate dinner with her Papa Bob & Mamo Barbara. Then she got to spend the night with Emmy & Travis.

I took Jen to the Del Mar horse races. It was a blast! We spent the afternoon jumping up and down cheering as horses ran around a track with very small, brightly dressed men hung on for dear life. Then we headed down into Del Mar for a special birthday dinner at Jake’s (which gets 5 stars in our book!). We also ran into a LifeChurch family while we were there – small world!

Happy Birthday Jen! Thanks for being who you are – my best friend in the whole world!

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