Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!


Last Friday was my dad’s birthday and we celebrated in style at a local bowling alley. All the kids were there except for James, who has a great excuse because he is in Virginia. So I’ll say a few things about my dad. He’s a great guy, he’s one of those people that everyone likes, he’s got a big heart. He’s a worship leader at Sunrise and he also plays a mean sax. I think I got any musical genes from him, so thanks dad! Him and my mom have been married for at least 32+ years (I know that because that’s how old I am). He’s now a grandpa, and a great one at that – he can roll around the floor with Miles forever and he loves it! So happy birthday Dad, we love ya!

4 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!

  1. James McLean

    i am so jealous, wish i could have been there.
    i would agree with you on all of those things. i think the two things that Dad impressed upon me is a hard work ethic and joy in all circumstances. he has always been a hard worker and he doesn’t cut corners. he is also a joyful person and is very giving to others. Go Dad!

  2. jen

    Yes Bob is a great dad and grandpa. He is one of those guys that everyone likes. Happy Birthday! What a good looking family!

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