Halo: OC-4 | 951-1

At least I think that’s what the final tally was (it was late). I gotta give it up to Victor and gang for an amazing night of killing and flag capturing. The night began with me getting to our church thinking 15 minutes would be enough time to setup, which it would have been if only I hadn’t forgotten my power & AV cables! I think it was about 8:30 or so by the time we got started. 4 boxes, 2 projectors, and 2 37″ TV’s.

(I don’t really remember all the games, but I think it was something like this). After like 3 or 4 false starts we finally got going. We don’t play with radar or tanks or alien vehicles. Warthogs & human weapons, CTF that’s pretty much it.

Game 1 – CTF Blood Gulch. I think this game lasted like 2 hours or something. It was 8 (951) on 7 (OC), but that was our own fault – we were down 2 good men (Peter and Vince aka Locustfist). This first game was a royal beat down, I think it was 5 flags to 1, but I will say we made them work for it.

Here was the problem (my lame excuse for sucking). The OC was Red Team on the TV’s and the 951 was on both projectors. On the projectors, the Red Team was basically invisible in the shadows, so they hung out in the shadows and just pummeled us! I spent the majority of this game with a sniper in the shadows trying to pick off people entering the base, or just waiting in the base with a shotgun. But I will admit – we got spanked. And to make a long story short, that’s how the next couple games went.

Fast forward to the last game. CTF Sidewinder. Half of the 951 traded with the OC for a TV. We also enveloped one of their players (screen name: Benedict). This was more like it, another long game; to summarize it was 5 flags to 0 in favor of the 951. I think there was a drop out on the OC or something and I’m sure they will blame the loss on that, but hey 5 flags speak loud enough right?

I just want to throw some big love out to Victor and his gang for coming all the way out to Temecula, what a stud. Next time maybe we’ll head out there or do some online with Halo 2. And hopefully James, Peter, and Vinnie will be there!

(I just realized what a dork I sound like blogging about a video game!)

4 thoughts on “Halo: OC-4 | 951-1

  1. ABE

    The important thing to remember is that you are only as good as your last game.

  2. Vince

    I guess we have to go to their house next time. Bummed I missed it

  3. alex

    It will be sweeter to beat them in their own house, no?

  4. greg

    It was a great night no matter the final score- and i really liked that final score!! I’m down for some OC time!!

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