Guess Who Went to the Dentist?

First trips to the dentist for Miles & Macy yesterday! Miles was so freaked out. He has been asking hundreds of questions for the past week – yesterday he got his answers. Let’s just say Miles has to go back and see the dentist again in a couple weeks… he got a couple cavities! Macy was all clear. I asked em to show me their all clean teeth:

7 thoughts on “Guess Who Went to the Dentist?

  1. Amie Charney

    All I can say is invest in the laughing gas… it is worth every cent…and will save you hours of parent guilt and agony as they blissfully laugh their way through dental drills and dams.

  2. Will Young

    Your kids have more guts than I do.

    I’m 23 and scared as all get out of the dentist! lol

  3. Alex's Mom

    Poor Miles! I know how he feels! I HATE the dentist! Alex, you never had a cavity until you were an adult which is why you were never scared! Make sure you pray with Miles before the next visit and we’ll be praying for him too.

  4. Aaron Ballou

    If i wasn’t married, I don’t know if I ever would have gone back to the dentist. I would probably have dentures by now.

  5. alex

    Dude Aaron, I HEAR YOU!
    Amie, I think we will try the laughing gas.
    Thanks for the comments everybody!

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