Greatest Invention Ever?

Saw this on the TV the other night, it’s called “Save a Blade” and personally, I think it might be the greatest invention ever! I believe that when God kicked Adam out of the garden, one of the tools he have him was a shaver. I hate shaving. And I can’t grow a decent beard; I grow exactly 199 hairs and each one is as thick as an A string! I use mach 3’s which cost as much as a gallon of gas each, so when I saw this I was like, “I’ve GOT to get that!”. I’m just wondering if it’s too good to be true.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Greatest Invention Ever?

  1. matt singley

    I go with a disposable razor for each shave. Use it and toss it. Of course I grow a full beard in about 12 hours, so I go through quite a few…

  2. alex

    matt, how “un-green” is that?

    rich, I love you too man.

    tam, I do not shave my legs. Once I thought about it, then I saw a dude ride his bike by and I decided it was a bad idea.

    chris, I got an electric for Christmas once. After about 3 months it was worthless…

  3. Jeff T.

    Dude – that stuff on TV always turns out to be a brilliant idea that’s poorly executed. I bought this solar powered fan that went in the top of your car window and was supposed to keep your car cooler when you parked it by circulating out the hot air. It leaked, was flimsy, and just a huge disappointment. Sorry – but I’d put money on this turning out to be the same thing…

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  4. James McLean

    ok so heres the deal, us McLean’s have sensitive skin so the electric deal doesn’t work because it burns and irritates. i only shave twice a week because i hate it…and i stopped buying mach 3’s because they are ridiculously priced. if you dry your razor off after every shave it can last months!

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