Graphic Design Confessional?

snowjam 2007, originally uploaded by lifechurchalex.

I saw someone else do a confessional for design, what a good idea. So here is the first layout for our Christmas mailer. The back is still under construction. I know it’s got a little of the “cheese” factor, but we always try and make people laugh a little. I typically like more of a modern look, but this has to hit a large demographic of 20’s through 40’s families with kids in our community. Whaddya think?

8 thoughts on “Graphic Design Confessional?

  1. inWorship

    Looks fun. My personal opinion though is, why does Santa need to be involved? I see he is a “Salvation Army” Santa, but does that, or he, have anything to do with the event?

  2. alex mclean

    actually, we are having santa come on the last day of snowjam for pictures and facepainting so that’s why he’s on there. Plus, what’s Christmas without Santa? ha ha…

  3. inWorship

    Gotcha. That makes more sense to me. I didn’t see how he played into the event.

    So he’ll be on snowboard, right 🙂

  4. pete

    i like it! nice… simple.. clean… funny…

    if i may suggest 2 things…
    1. lighten the lightblue parts of the ‘snowjam’ header a little — i feel like it gets lost in all that blue.

    2. i think the splatter background with all the details text is tough to read. maybe give the text a bit more depth or try darkening the lightblue part to give the text a bit more “pop”

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