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I love Google Reader. It’s right under Gmail as my favorite ap ever. And Gmail is under Jesus as one of the coolest things ever.

Over the past couple months though my Google Reader forgot who’s boss. Today I had to remind him.

Here’s how the battle ended:

google trends 1

If you don’t see the image it says: From your 103 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 459 items, starred 47 items, shared 17 items, and emailed 22 items. For me this is where I’m learning, networking, and helping others around me learn more about church, leadership, spirituality, music, tech, etc. So I’m stoked when I see 22 items emailed – that means it’s not stopping with me, I’m passing it along.

google trends 2

This chart shows how often and how much I read through my reader. As you can see, I usually read in long sessions, not a little at a time. It just works for me – I like to knock it out when the posts get piled up.

google stats 3

And these, my friends, are the brutal facts. Want to know if I am reading your blog? I can’t lie, it’s all there. Now you might notice that some of you aren’t on the list. That doesn’t mean I don’t read your blogs, it just means that (1) I read your blogs on my phone [which has it’s own tab ] (2) I read from my iGoogle page, which has a Google Reader gadget on it [not sure it counts] or (3) I go directly to your blog from either another link or twitter or something.

So there it is, I’ve mastered the beast! I have 3 posts to read right now that I’m saving, from Nelson Searcy. I would like to know how you’re doing with your reader? Does it master you? Do you just click the dreaded “mark all as read” button (how DARE you!). What do your stats look like? Do I subscribe to too many blogs?

Let’s Talk.

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