Goodbye Marotte's!


On Saturday night we said goodbye (for now) to a great family & our close friends, the Marotte’s. In case you don’t know Vince, he’s an amazing person, dad, friend, pastor, web/tech geek & blogger. We’re all so stoked that he’s currently on the road to Austin, Texas with his family where he’s joining the staff at Gateway Church.

We spent the evening with some close friends, letting our kids play together & just talking life. Jen and I were talking, later, about how amazing it was to watch these kids that have grown up together, connect & play so good – even though we’ve all gone their separate ways. In fact it’s amazing how close many of us still are as we’ve grown and followed God’s plan for our lives – even if it means being at different churches, jobs, etc.

Here’s some of the pictures:

So keep Vince, Tami, AJ & Steele in your prayers as they traverse across the southern states to their new home! We’ll miss you guys & look forward to visiting soon!

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