Getting to Know You (Part 2)

So only a few of you actually participated in my first “Getting to Know You” article. But I know that there’s a certain amount of people who come here and I’d just like to get to know you all a little better. So this weeks getting to know you is this:

Do you have a vision or mission for your life/ministry? Is is based on a particular Bible verse? Did God just put something in your heart and mind? Do you believe in God? If so do you believe that he can do anything with your life?

Here’s mine.

I want to live my life, and not let life happen, but make it happen. I want to spend my life creatively inviting people to find out more about God’s grace and the new life that he offers. I want to have integrity, stay teachable, grow more confident, and be more giving in all areas of my life. I want my wife to know that she is loved more than anything. I want to raise my kids with humor, love, and creativity.

I don’t really have a “life” Bible verse, because my life changes constantly. But most recently this has been a driving verse for my life:

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” – Luke 19:10

It just reminds me to think of Jesus’ ministry, his life – which was his ministry, there was no distinction. He came to seek and to save the lost. It brings me clarity.

So that’s kind of what’s going on in my head & heart. What about yours? 

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know You (Part 2)

  1. James McLean

    i never responded to the last one of these. i am in Lynchburg, VA which is 3 1/2 hours south of Washington D.C. i am alex’s little bro.
    i am trying to keep it simple so i guess the mission for my life would be to be a disciple of Jesus and to make disciples of Jesus.
    verse would be Matt. 28:19-20
    “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
    i am trying to establish habits and life changes so that everything i do in some way matches up to what Jesus asked us to do before He went away.

  2. andy

    While not a exactly a vision or mission, these are things I think about often in pursuing life….

    1. I want to love God with all my heart

    2. I want to love my neighbor as much as I love myself.

    3. In life, everyone makes mistakes. So life is not about the mistakes you make, it’s about what you do with those mistakes.

  3. Fred Mckinnon

    My vision is based on John 4:23-24 … about worship in “spirit and truth”. The verse says that God is Spirit, and that those who worship Him *MUST* worship him in spirit and truth.

    That’s a strong command … and one that makes me search and seek what that is. If there is “true worship”, there must be “false worship”.

    My vision is to help people worship God in spirit and truth … and that could have a kazillion different looks!


  4. Skip Crust

    I was at a church this past weekend where they spoke the words…”live distinctly, in proximity, make an impact”.

    These words penetrated my soul like I didn’t expect. More than anything, I want to be relevant to my culutre AND fully embrace my mission on earth, to see people know and experience amazing grace.

    My goal, my life’s song is to live distinctly, in proximity.

    Good to hear from you Alex…


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