Generosity (parts 4 & 5) | Human3rror & Randy Miller

Generosity has been on my heart for the past couple weeks as the Christmas Season quickly approaches. If you missed the past 3 posts go check out Advent Conspiracy, 50,000 Shoes, and the Ukraine Adoption Story.

Today (we’re behind by the way, thanks to my Blog Bottleneck), I’d like to quickly share with you two urgent (which is why I crammed them into the same post) needs – areas of generosity opportunity, which means YOU CAN HELP!

Part 4

First is John over at He’s a relatively new friend to me, even though I’ve seen him all over the web. I think I first met him (online) when I first read about Louie Giglio & Chris Tomlin planting a church in Atlanta. Anyway, he’s got a pretty cool opportunity to meet his birth mother in Korea and he needs help both financially and with prayer. Go read his story today and pray about supporting his trip. We’ll be praying for sure for John.

Sidenote: If you’re not reading his blog and following him on twitter, you’re missing out.

Part 5

Second is Randy Miller, by way of my good (and local) friend, Rich Kirkpatrick. I’ll quote from Rich’s blog:

As I have shared on this blog about my friend Randy Miller, he needs our prayers and support. His band The Myriad has made some great friends with a group called Third Day. Well, Third Day is amazing both as artists and godly, caring men. IF you are in SoCal PLEASE ATTEND THIS CONCERT.  Here is what Third Day sent out on Facebook today.

Third Day is playing a benefit concert for Randy Miller (drummer for The Myriad) and his family. The show will be at Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA, on Dec. 7. All proceeds will go to the Miller family to help pay for Randy’s medical bills. Tickets go on sale on Nov. 21 at

Unfortunately for us, we’ve got prior plans on the 7th – but if you’re in SoCal, this is such a cool opportunity. Not only do you get to help someone with a great need, but you get to check out one very cool band at the same time. Sounds like a win, win.

Also, don’t forget we’re still trying to get to 50,000 shoes by the end of the year & we’re only at 5,410 – go buy 2 pairs today for only $5.

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  1. human3rror

    thanks brother… it's going to be righteous…!

    🙂 you rock.

  2. Sam McDonald

    I must say I love stuff like that link to Soles for Souls. I love how, using the internet, small contributions quickly and visually add up.

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