Generosity (part 2) | 50,000 Shoes

Continuing with talking about generosity, I’m very excited to take part in this project: 50,000 Shoes. Last week or so Anne Jackson asked us if we wanted to be a part of a “the worlds biggest blogging charity challenge” – I was in.

So here’s the deal.

  • Today, 300 million people look down as they walk from school, or to their jobs, or back home and have NO SHOES. That means no protection from glass, rocks, metal, disease, and the elements.
  • Nashville-based Soles4Souls gives shoes to people who need them (we’re talking 3.3 million pairs to over 60 countries).
  • We’re trying to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes over the next 50 days.
  • For only $5 YOU can send 2 pairs of shoes off to meet a real life need.
  • and have already picked up on this.
  • You can join the FaceBook group here.
  • We all need to spread the word throughout all of our communities to make this happen. Blog, twitter, email, call, write, share, talk, facebook, whatever you do – just get the word out!

So go to 50, today and send some shoes off to someone who really needs them today. Then talk about it & spread the word. What a great way to be generous and watch us accomplish something amazing together! Thanks Anne!

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