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This is a new blog series that I’m going to work through. Let me just begin by sharing that over the past year my life as I’ve connected with more an more people outside my little ‘Temecula Circle’ – I’ve become more aware, or more attracted to generosity. I love reading stories about people who come together to give back, give away, help, share, whatever – all in the name of love, of help. A little sappy I know, but something’s happening to me, to our family.

So to start, our family is going to take this to heart. It’s a new way of looking at Christmas, well not new, let’s say ‘another’ way of looking at it. We’re still figuring out what that means to our family, but I can tell you that we’re going to focus less on gifts and more on spending time together, and how we can help others.

A lot of you have seen this video floating around – it’s a well done video with a great message.

I think this will be a special Christmas for us this year. In fact I think this year has the potential to be a special Christmas for a lot of people. With the economy the way it is, with the election complete, with the hope that Christmas brings – I think if we could harness this season and have people give themselves the gift of time together as friends and families, paying off a credit card, giving to those who need, uniting to help our communities, our world. The possibilities are endless.

Over at Advent Conspiracy they’ve got some great resources, and over here are some more as well.

3 thoughts on “Generosity (part 1) | Advent Conspiracy

  1. Conner

    Oh Alex, thanks! I remember hearing about this last year. My wife and I personally stopped doing crazy needless stuff at Christmas. I told her 3 years ago to never, EVER get me another Playstation/xBox/blah blah game that I'd play for 2 months and then put away and never take out again. I love this and you're right, that video is top notch!

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