Gear, Gear, Gear

On Sunday, September 14th, LifeChurch will be launching an additional venue to help with capacity (think, more open seats, more people). We’re calling it “Life Unplugged” and if you are quick you might guess that yes, this will be an acoustic driven worship experience (just kidding about the quick part). We’ll have the message piped in via video screen, plus we’ll have a venue pastor who will meet all of your pastoral needs.

We’re also changing our worship times from 8am, 9:30am, & 11am, to 9am & 11am with Life Unplugged running at the same exact times, just across the parking lot.

Oh, and did I mention we are doing this basically for FREE? Yup, we scored a sweet deal with the landlord on an empty suite. And we’ve been totally blown away by Inland Valley Church, who are currently meeting in our facility on Sunday nights. They basically have allowed us to use ALL their gear from their setup/teardown church in a box. Everything’s there. Sound board, video switcher, computer, curtains, screen, projector, speakers, amps, mics, cables – everything. WOW.

So yesterday we spent all day taking it out of storage and into the future home of Life Unplugged. Tomorrow we’ll get started setting it all up and testing everything out.

And if you’re interested, we’re going to record our Saturday night message to start off with to DVD. We spoke with Dennis Choy over at NorthCoast in Vista, and that’s what they do and it works well. So right now, wer’re not going to reinvent the wheel. Just record to DVD, create 2 copies, and playback both at the same time, in case one goes down.

Chris will probably share more intimate details on exactly how this is all accomplished. And I’m sure he’d LOVE ideas on how to live stream across the parking lot! That’s where we want to go eventually.

Here’s some pictures of the gear, as well as a couple of Miles kicking butt in Taekwondo!

12 thoughts on “Gear, Gear, Gear

  1. Kendra Watson

    How exciting!! It’s so cool to see that God knows exactly what we need and it’s cool to watch how he provides everything!!

  2. alex

    I’ll have some better gear shots next week… and yes, I love gearshots as well (gearshots flickr group? blog? hmmm…)

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  5. alex

    We’re gonna be busy this week plugging everything in for the “Life Unplugged” worship service. I’ll keep you updated. Here’s a little video that gives you a sneak peek…

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