Gear, Gear, Gear (part 2) OR Life Unplugged

OK, breathe.

So we’re launching another venue. For those that don’t quite get that – we’re adding capacity (seats) to our church by opening up another room with another worship team, with teaching via video, and a pastor to kind of run the worship service. We’ll add about 200+ seats every weekend (add that to about the already 4-500 we’re filling now, and you can see the significance).

So today we got the keys to the suite we needed. Only it was full of model home furniture. Literally enough furniture to fill 5 or 6 model homes. Here’s what it looked like when we opened the door:

After about an hour of 12 people sweating to death and moving stuff across the parking lot we got everything moved out, and our stuff moved in. We swept, mopped, and began setting stuff up. At the end of the afternoon the room looked like this:

And this:

Just imagine carpets, lights, video screen, guitars, stools, chairs & coffee tables. This room will probably fit about 200 people and we’ll run two times so the possibilities are about 400 people a weekend.

We hid all the speakers, amps, and tech behind the curtains. We still have to hang a screen, projector, and lights. All before Sept. 14th. Thanks to everyone who helped today – this is going to be so cool!

Oh yeah and part 1 of this post is here.

6 thoughts on “Gear, Gear, Gear (part 2) OR Life Unplugged

  1. Jon

    Hey if you guys need any help i can head up there after school this coming week!

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  3. Kendra Watson

    WOW that was a TON of work! And I’m sore just from moving 2/3rd grade and the nursery…feelin like a wimp now!! Looks great in there, can’t wait to check it out!!

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