Fuel 2007 | Dr. Samuel Chand (part 3)

Leaders and Managers (we need both). Here are the characteristics of “Managers”.

  • Conceptualize plans by working from the past to the present
  • Embrace a micro perspective, a snapshot
  • Favor routine thinking
  • Protector of the status quo
  • Emphasis on how and when
  • Controlling and directing
  • Threatened by change
  • Move slowly
  • Avoid risks
  • Actions limited by available resources
  • System Centered
  • Plan Centered
  • People’s approval is a need

I figure I am about 60% Leader and 40% Manager. I think like a leader, but plan like a manager.

Here are some additional quotes from this section of teaching:

Managers need approval – why not give it to them? Notes of praise, spending time, public approval.

Managers tend to ask “Why?”. This is not neccessarily a question of authority, managers just like to know the why – so tell them in a simple way.

Managers need to “Buy in” first (the “what” and “why”), then they can figure out the “how” and “when”

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