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  1. wow… painful and funny cause we have all seen this live before!

    Rich Kirkpatricks last blog post..The questions we all are asking: “Hey leader, are you for real?”

  2. ok can anyone else see the giant shepherds hook coming from stage left to remove him from stage?
    Very Painful to watch.

  3. EVERY church should have one of those giant shepherd’s staffs!

  4. the worst one to me is when worship leaders shout out problems with the sound in the middle of a set. uggh can’t stand that!

    James McLeans last blog post..Bless the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers, who do his will!

  5. I’m sorry, I don’t see anything wrong with those. This is an instructional video on the different ways to lead worship, right?

    Karls last blog post..Notes on a Page

  6. fascinating and communicative, but would participate in something more on this topic?

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