7 thoughts on “First Goal for 2009

  1. Brent(inWorship)

    Don’t know if your interested. But the ESV Bible had a daily email read. And they have a chronological option. I chose that.

  2. alex

    Brent, I’ve tried the daily email reads & it just doesn’t work for me… I need it in my hands, maybe I’m just weird. But I would rather read the ESV!

  3. Brent(inworship)

    I hear ya. I need it right in front of me. And I line on email world. So this works for me. I wish I didn’t need a routine. I hate that. I wish I had the discipline to make this happen.

  4. James McLean

    yeah i’m old school like that too, i’ve gotta have it in front of me. although i normally read the ESV, i am going through the TNIV’s project called the Books of the Bible. It’s laid out more like a book in that its in chronological order and the verse and chapter numbers have been taken out.
    check it. http://tinyurl.com/9pklzj
    here’s to a new year and a fresh start!

  5. tam

    i read the one on my iphone. whatever app that is. i dont think its chronological though.

  6. Becky

    I’m doing the same thing! I actually read the whole chronological Bible a couple years ago – it’s a GREAT way to read the Bible.

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