First Day at the New Job


Today I began my job as Communications Pastor at Rancho Community Church. Here’s a few photos to commemorate the day.

This is my staff meeting & that’s Sabo with an antenna coming out of his phone. I didn’t know they made those anymore? The guy to his left is my new boss, Don – a really cool guy.


My office is down this hallway on the right – please note all the sweet tech gear to the right. I will not be messing with any of it – and that’s ok.

And here it is, my new office. All the video gear obviously makes me look important, but it has nothing really to do with my new job. This is just the area that is available and I’m grateful for it. Of course I need to decorate a little, need a better chair, some pictures, a funky chair/couch, and my biggest want? A bonsai tree!

So, needless to say, I’M STOKED!

6 thoughts on “First Day at the New Job

  1. heather

    How exciting! Your office looks awesome, and I completely agree..You need a bonsai tree…Makes me think of Karate kid!!

  2. James McLean

    ha ha i sat in a chair like that for my first 2 days on my new job. i need to take pics at some point but my office is bigger than my bedroom! i just got a better chair today and also a new Dell (hey i didn’t buy it) with 2 monitors and an HP printer. apparently i am going to be doing some work at some point. anyway, i am officially an employee of the state of VA now. cheers to new jobs!

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  3. Rob Johnson

    Really happy for you Brother! We need to hook up for some lattes with Beeman soon! Are you free on Friday or are you strapped to your new desk? Work it boyyyyyeeeeee….

  4. Melissa

    Hey, say hello to Andrea Ireland (missions) for me! She is a friend and previous coworker…

  5. Kendra

    CONGRATS! Do you guys have staff meetings in the nursery? Those rockers look much more comfortable that the wooden stools in town center LOL

    Kendras last blog post..My Sweet Little Baby

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