We have a little family tradition of going to Catalina every 4th of July and hanging out with our friends, the Calise’s.
I’ll do another update with some family pictures, but I thought I’d throw up some pictures of the fireworks. I didn’t have a tripod, so these are all taken freehand, so they’re not the best, but I’m pretty happy with ’em. I’m kind of a closet photography nut – I love good photography, there’s something amazing about the right picture that says more than video or writing. I think someday I’ll get a really good camera & travel, do a photo journal or something…

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  1. They look great… it is really hard to get good fireworks shots without a tripod but it is possible.

    You don’t need a great camera to start shooting (you already have), and you can start a photo journal any time. Don’t wait for the “right time”, I found out that doesn’t exist. :)

    If you decide to take the plunge, start off with a digital SLR and just start shooting everything you see. I have been shooting almost 15 years and feel like I know nothing at all… it is a continuous learning process.

  2. I think the pics look great Alex! Looks and sounds like a good time.

    Pete Wilsons last blog post..4th of July @ The Wilson’s

  3. alex

    Scott, thanks so much for the encouragement. You’re so right! I feel a photo gallery coming…

    Pete – always stoked to see you here, thanks!

  4. Kendra Watson

    Those shots are great Alex! I wish I would have gotten my camera out and attempted some fireworks shots this year.

  5. alex

    Thanks Kendra – there’s always Sea World?!

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