Firefight! Who's In?

What started as a little Halo smack talk via Twitter today between Vince, James, Victor and I has turned into an all out battle for bragging rights. It’s gonna be the OC vs. the 951 (or close). If you are in SoCal and want to get in on some old school Halo 1, leave a comment on who you’ll be representing, when the best time/day is for you and it will be set up.

Let the game begin!

10 thoughts on “Firefight! Who's In?

  1. James

    Is now a good time to regret talking smack on twitter?

    I’m in for The OC baby, and I’m bringing two battleheads with me.

  2. Jason

    im in!!! tell me when and where, and count on me in!!!

  3. Aaron

    I am definitely in. Honest Abe is back. Are the numbers even?

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