Favorite Site: istockphoto.com

vossWhen I began designing professionally in the early 90’s, stock photography was a tool that only high end design houses could afford. I remember seeing single photographs for over $300! Along came the internet, add in thousands of semi-pro and pro photographers and videographers, create a site where they sell their work for a reasonable price and you’ve got www.istockphoto.com. With 1,651,143 (1.4 TB) stock photographs and illustrations, this site is the place to find that perfect picture for your next marketing campaign, magazine ad, logo, whatever. I have been using istockphoto for about four years now and have had absolutely no problems, and they get better and better each year with upgrades, advanced searching tools, personal light boxes for storing files you may use in the future, and great customer service! If you are a designer, even if you just dabble – you should check out istockphoto.com

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