Every Night

Whenever I think that life is rough or I’m facing tough days, I can look forward to our evenings together as a family. We have a little routine that we go through every night. It’s baths/showers, hang out for a little bit, playing or reading books, and then we pray together, then kids to bed. Macy just started saying her own prayers, so now it’s even more fun. Check it out (video embedded):

Macy cracks us up every night. I can’t imagine a better way to spend each evening.

4 thoughts on “Every Night

  1. billy akerman

    Nothing is better than family. My daughters are the most important thing in my life. I look forward to everyday with them. My girls are home-schooled and I work out of my home, so we’re together all the time. What else could a man ask for?

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  2. Lisa

    My favorite part of every evening is hearing my kids say their prayers. It’s amazing to me what they come up with and how much they remember. I love how they always remember to pray for those who are hurt or sick! I wish I was as faithful with my prayers as my children are!

  3. Barbara AKA Alex's Mom

    Wow! What a blessing – there is nothing in the world more beautiful than the prayer of a child – that we should all be so innocent and love God so purely. On top of that they are just downright adorable! Alex & Jen – you guys are such good parents!

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