Emerging Church Forum

Emerging Church Forum

The other night I attended the “Dangers of the Emerging Church Forum” hosted by Rancho Community Church in Temecula. That’s right, Temecula, the Bible Belt of Southern California – weird; which is what peaked my curiosity to go. I invted a ton of people, including my buddy Peter, who was the only one who had the cajones to go with me. In fact he did a terrific post on his thoughts, which you should read.

Honestly, I was just stoked that something relevant to my interests was being talked about in our Valley. Here’s some bullet point thoughts from the evening:

– Some arguments over the Evangelical Manifesto.

– Some name dropping happened: Jim Wallace?, Alan Hirsh, Beth Moore (she’s not emerging), Dan Kimball, Mark Driscoll, (father) Brian McLaren.

emerging brian mclaren

– Post Modern’s think abstractly, mosiac, which is closer to a Hebrew thought process. Boomers think more linear, more Greek.

– Scott Treadway: Everything is based on eschatology because that is the end game; escapism vs. redemption (I really liked this discussion and plan on researching this line of thinking more). Romans 7.

I was impressed by how Scott Treadway (lead pastor of RCC) moderated the discussion & have a newfound respect for this local pastor. It seemed like a majority of the conversation was (a) explaining that emerging (or emergent) is not the devil, and (b) some of the issues/practices of some portions of the emerging movement can lead to some dangerous end game theology malpractice (I just made that up).

Am I emergent? I’m not sure yet. I love some of the discussions that have been brought up through the discussion. I do tend to be reactionary, not wanting to be a church like “that” church (whatever that church is). I tend to like new strategies, not so much ancient practices. Not so much meditation & candles, and Jesus painters. Not so much McLaren & Campollo. Not so much a commune where we all hold hands and feel God move through the wind as we smoke cigarellos. I know I’m just fueling the fire. Sorry.

But I do love what a lot of what these guys are bringing out. Being the church, opening our doors to culture, allowing people to experience God in a myriad of worship experiences, and recognizing that spiritual formation is not always a linear, step by step process.

Here’s an interesting link in case you have extra time to battle the evilness of emergent church.

So anywho – props to Pastor Treadway & RCC for dealing with this issue in a pretty honest although quick discussion.

Here’s a fun video:

By the way – you won’t be catching me in a home church anytime soon. You?

11 thoughts on “Emerging Church Forum

  1. Skip

    Great stuff Alex. Although I don’t agree with everything the Emerging Church represents (specifically it’s liberal theology), there are parts that really resonate with me. Specifically the stuff about being missional in a post-Christian world. We’re not just headed there, we’re there already.

  2. James McLean

    i actually like house churches in some ways, the problem is that they need to be connected to a larger body. i think ideally it would be nice to have a church of house churches (which is basically what many people are doing through small groups).
    Nice video! me likey!

  3. alex

    I thought I texted you about 2 hours before? no?

  4. Amie Charney

    Interesting, i just blogged about some of the aspects of the emergent church….while I believe we as a church need to become more accessible and welcoming to those that would not fit into a traditional church model…we can’t throw it all out with the bathwater. We have to…even in emerging and post modern churches… raise the standard. Love them where they are, but love them enough to help them grow.

  5. alan hirsch

    Alex. What a weird list of names dropped! Mark Driscoll would be horrified! 🙂 It seems more funny than serious. As for me, I don’t really consider myself that ’emergent’ but more missional/missionary.

    Nice post. Like your humor.


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