Ed Young (Politicked) Wears Tom's Shoes!

Always fun Ed Young, from Fellowship Church, preached a message titled “Politicked”. The first thing I noticed was his Tom’s Shoes! Thumbs up Ed! But seriously, I applaud him for touching on something relevant. If you can watch the whole message I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Politicked – Rock the Vote from Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

He hits the Character issue pretty hard.

He hits the Homosexual agenda pretty hard.

He speaks on Tolerance, defining it as “stand up and applaud” approval of behavior.

He speaks on Compassion. Abortion.

From my perspective, he’s pretty hard hitting, maybe even offensive (“we’re sliding into socialism”, “Fedzilla”, “government is preying on you”), but he’s coming from a very strong moral Biblical view. I’m still kind of becoming who I am as a Christ follower, as a husband, as a Dad, as an American, as a man – and one area that I’m still in formation on is how the church (especially American church) should interact with government. How far do we take it? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my convictions… It’s just such a touchy subject.

As Christians, what is our responsibility – that’s the huge impending question.

2 thoughts on “Ed Young (Politicked) Wears Tom's Shoes!

  1. Meyer

    People often find discomfort in things that do not conform to their way of thinking. The truth is not always a comforting thing, too many time its actually offfensive to those who wish to believe otherwise. The truth is the truth and the bible is the truth.

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